Parkside Church is home to many families. We all come from different walks of life, different experiences and many different ethnicities but we are all brought together because of Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for a church that has a vibrant family atmosphere, is committed to teaching the gospel message and strives in making sure you feel welcomed and supported, then we’d love to see you at Parkside Church. During the tough and testing times it’s good to know we are not alone and have somewhere we can go to for prayer and support. It’s also good to have friends who will rejoice with us in times of joy and celebration.

We’d love to be able to see our children grow up together in Christ and to really encourage one other in their own personal relationship with Jesus.

Parkside Families is a ministry where the love of Jesus is shown and where meaningful relationships are established. So whether you’re new to Parkside or have been attending for years, we encourage you to take an active interest in this ministry.

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