Young Adults Camp

Info: Join us for Young Adults Camp at Riverview House in Shoalhaven with delicious food, cosy accommodation, a warm fireplace, easy bushwalking, nice cafes, a fantastic speaker and a super relevant topic. Come up for Friday evening and Saturday or even just join us on Saturday. Arrive anytime Friday evening after 7:00pm (Friday will include supper). Friends are welcome.

Topic: Standing Out! Standing up for your faith!


Speaker: Travis Ryan (Young Adults Pastor, Parramatta Baptist)
Bio: Meet our speaker Travis. He’s a coffee-fuelled & Jesus-loving pastor who has a tragic addiction to car-related youtube videos. He’s the type of guy who adds bacon to his burgers and wants to know what’s going on at a heart-level for people. If you want to know what makes him tick (and brings him the most joy), it is helping others to discover a life-transforming passion for Jesus for themselves. He’s pumped to come and be a part of camp, believing that God is going to inspire us to Stand Up and Stand Out for our faith.

Cost: $120 per person
Where: Riverview House, Shoalhaven