Upcoming Sermon Topics

Series: How To Make A Difference

Life is about more than just working towards retirement. It’s about more than just the accumulation of things. Every follower of Jesus Christ desire to make a difference in the world, to leave a legacy that outlives us. This series shows us how we, together and individually, can make a difference in this world. These messages focus on 8 key values that were evident in the ministry of the early church and must be evident in our lives today.

Sunday 29 September (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Jason Jeremiah
Topic: Get on Board With God’s Plans
Text: Acts 10:4-48


Sermon Series: The Power of a Quiet Life

No one can argue that today life moves faster — and louder — than ever before. It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic pace, and it’s tempting to lose oneself in the noise. But there’s a solution. The Bible shows a simpler way to approach life. Two thousand years ago Paul challenged followers of Christ to aim for a quiet life: working with your hands, showing kindness to one another, and approaching God in simple humility. This series explores the idea of what living a quiet life really means.

Sunday 6 October (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: The Life God calls you to Lead
Text: 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Sunday 13 October (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Jason Jeremiah
Topic: Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak
Text: James 1:19

Sunday 20 October (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Mathew Kuruvilla
Topic: Template for Godly Conversation
Text: Ephesians 4:29

Sunday 27 October (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Confronting the Noise in Your Life
Text: Mark 4:18-19


Sermon Series: Getting Ready for the Harvest

The Bible says that we will receive a harvest at the proper time, if we do not give up. This series shows us how to get ready for the abundance of blessings that God has prepared for those who sow the seeds of faithfulness, generosity, sacrifice, and faith.

Sunday 3 November (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Think About Your Direction
Text: Malachi 3:7

Sunday 10 November (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Davide Verlingieri
Topic: Developing a Harvest Ready Attitude
Text: Malachi 3:8-10

Sunday 17 November (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: God’s Refining Process
Text: Malachi 3:1-4

Sunday 24 November (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Jason Jeremiah
Topic: The Power of Your Words
Text: Malachi 3:13-16


Sermon Series: Preparing For Christmas

This series is designed to help you experience more deeply the Christmas story and the Christmas season. In the midst of your celebration, you can truly encounter the one whom we celebrate. In special moments shared with friends and family, you can share the presence of the one who came to give us life. And with each gift given and received, we can participate in the greatest gift of all.

Sunday 1 December (10.30am) Communion /AGM
Preacher: Mathew Kuruvilla
Topic: Take Charge of Your Attitude
Text: Isaiah 64:1-9

Sunday 8 December (10.30am) Kids Presentation
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Your Gift For Jesus
Text: Matthew 2:9-12

Saturday 14 Just Care Christmas Lunch at Church.
This is an outreach to those who are alone during Christmas.

Sunday 15 December (10.30am)
Preacher: Jason Jeremiah
Topic: The Gift of Everlasting Joy
Text: Isaiah 35:1-10

Sunday 22 December (10.30am)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Share the Good News of Christmas
Text: Luke 2:8-20

6.30pm Christmas Carols at the Church

Wednesday 25 December (9.00am)
Christmas Day Service
Preacher: Mathew Kuruvilla
Topic: The Gift of Jesus
Text: Luke 1:47-55

Sunday 29 December (10.30am) Thanksgiving Service
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Enter His Gates
Text: Psalm 100