Upcoming Sermon Topics

Series: Practicing the Presence of God

These messages from the Psalms focus on Practicing the Presence of God, offering Biblical insights into living continuously in God’s presence, at work, at home, as we start the day, as endure the day, and even on those days when God seems to be far away.

Sunday 21 July 
Preacher: Mathew Kuruvilla
Topic:  Dealing with the Daily Distractions
Text: Psalm 55

Preacher: Matt LeClaire
Kids Club Performance and children’s talk

Sunday 28 July (9.00am & 10.30am) 
Preacher: Mathew Kuruvilla
Topic: What to do when God seems far away
Text: Psalm 13

Series: How To Make A Difference

Life is about more than just working towards retirement. It’s about more than just the accumulation of things. Every follower of Jesus Christ desire to make a difference in the world, to leave a legacy that outlives us. This series shows us how we, together and individually, can make a difference in this world. These messages focus on 8 key values that were evident in the ministry of the early church and must be evident in our lives today.

Sunday 4 August (9.00am & 10.30am) – Communion
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Random Act of Goodness
Text: Acts 10:34-38

Sunday 11 August (9.00am & 10.30am) 
Preacher: Jason Jeremiah
Topic: There’s Only One Name
Text: Acts 4:12

Sunday 18 August (9.00am & 10.30am) 
Preacher: Matt LeClaire
Topic: Mastering The Christian Life
Text: Acts 3:19

Sunday 25 August (9.00am & 10.30am) – Budget Meeting after 10:30 service
Preacher: Mathew Kuruvilla
Topic: Finding Common Ground
Text: Acts 4:32-35