Upcoming Sermon Topics

 Series: The Fruit of the Spirit

What does a spiritually mature person look like? The Bible says, the spiritually mature person will demonstrate nine key qualities: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. We know them as the Fruit of the Spirit. This nine part series-in-progress will examine each aspect of the Spirit’s fruit, considering how we can nurture and cultivate each quality until it becomes part of our daily experience.

Sunday 31 March (9:00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Cultivating Self-Control
Series: The Fruit of The Spirit-9
Text: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Series: Finding True Freedom

If you find yourself today stuck in circumstances that you are powerless to change, bound by limitations that you can’t overcome, your situation need not be permanent. God has a plan for your redemption. You can experience the kind of freedom, within and without, that leads to the victory of lasting change because of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Sunday 7 April (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Jason Jeremiah
Topic: Freedom From the Past
Text: Luke 19:1-9 (The story of Zacchaeus)

Sunday 14 April (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Kiran Skariah
Topic: Freedom From Fear
Text: Matthew 14:22-33 (The Story of Peter)

Friday 19 April (10.00am) Good Friday (Communion)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Freedom From Sin
Text: Luke 23:32-43 (The Story of the two criminals on the cross)

Easter Sunday 21 April (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Matt Le Claire
Topic: Freedom From Judgement
Text: John 20:1-18 (The story of Mary Magdalene)

Sunday 28 April (9.00am & 10.30am)
Preacher: Davide Verlingieri
Topic: Freedom From Worry
Text: John 20:19-23 (The Story of the Disciples)